MISSION - Help families build their wealth by maximizing financial




The status quo tells us to "save" money in risk-based investments like your company 401k or IRAs. This may be well intentioned advice, but there is a big difference between Saving and Investing

An Evergreen Life Insurance Policy is a safe, secure Savings vehicle that will never lose value, guaranteed. This is a #1 priority in building a strong financial foundation.   



Access means liquidity, use and control of your money on your terms and without penalty. Life happens and whether you have a great opportunity or unexpected hardship come your way, you want to be able to get to your money.  It is your money after all!

The cash saved in an Evergreen Life Insurance Policy is accessible without IRS penalties, applying for a loan, or waiting for the stock market or real estate market to rebound. It is your money to use for major purchases, an investment opportunity or to bail you out in tough times.




The reason we put our hard earned money into risky investments is because we are hoping for a big return. We all want our money to grow as fast as possible. But, hope is not a strategy!

Steady, predictable growth without risk of loss puts you in control of your financial destiny. 

Evergreen Life Insurance Policies are specially designed to emphasize the living benefits of life insurance. That means we limit costs and maximize the cash value growth of traditional insurance products.  The result is consistent competitive growth. 

4 Rules for The Infinite Banking Concept®

  1. Think Long Range - Have an evergreen mindset.

  2. Build Your Capital - Don't be afraid to capitalize your bank.

  3. Be an Honest Banker - Don't steal from your bank.

  4. Use Your Own Bank - Don't do business with banks. 

In the fall of 2014 economist Robert P. Murphy had a lengthy interview with Nelson Nash, author of *Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept*. For more information: http://infinitebanking.org